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Legal Questions Answered

Criminal law in Florida is distinguished between misdemeanors and felonies, with misdemeanors being assigned to the County Courts and felonies being assigned to Circuit Courts.  Florida further distinguishes crimes based upon their seriousness with the least serious classification being a second degree misdemeanor and the most serious being a Capital Felony. 

If you are the Defendant in a criminal case YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.  You are entitled to know what evidence the State has against you.  There are appropriate methods by which to gain this information.  With obtaining this information (discovery), you can avoid “trial by ambush” and often times this evidence can lead your counsel to filing Motions that may suppress evidence and/or dismiss the case in its entirety.  As such, experienced counsel is a must.

At Crutchfield & Wilson one of the partners is a former prosecutor of the State Attorney’s Office and collectively we have over thirty years of experience handling criminal cases.  Time is frequently of the essence so we encourage you to call as soon as possible if you have been arrested.

We have built our reputation on a history of successful criminal defense. In fact, it has been the cornerstone of our practice. As prosecutors we tried hundreds of cases and learned criminal law from a prosecutorial perspective. This has greatly enhanced our ability to anticipate what the State will do in its efforts to obtain a conviction in your particular case. Therefore, we are in the best position to understand what is necessary to provide an effective defense.

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Criminal Law

Free Consultation And Evaluation Of Your Case.