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Personal Injury

 If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, choosing the right lawyer could be one of the most important decisions you make in shaping your and your family’s financial future. The Florida personal injury attorneys at Crutchfield & Wilson are dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have been the victim of another party’s negligence. We understand that the consequences of an accident can affect your life for years.

If you are suffering from an injury because of someone else’s negligence, you do not have to struggle alone. It can be a daunting task to interact with the experienced insurance adjuster assigned to your case (by the negligent party’s insurance company). While that adjuster may seem friendly and sympathetic to your injury, hardship and pain, it is important to remember exactly whose interests they represent. In reality, insurance adjusters are highly trained to minimize, or even eliminate, the payouts of their employer (to your obvious detriment). As such, it is critical that you hire an experienced lawyer to navigate through the sometimes complex legal details of your case; to act as a personal liaison between you and the insurance company; and to diligently and aggressively defend your rights to maximize your recovery.

We utilize our invaluable experience, expertise, financial and legal resources to provide superior legal representation for the injured.

Don't make the mistake of only shopping the biggest advertisers. Some firms have grown so large as to earn them the reputation of being a legal "factory". The problem is that, in such firms, seldom is ample attention given to each individual case. Our firm prides itself on providing each and every client the service and attention that they would expect as if theirs’ were the only case in the firm. With Crutchfield & Wilson, you will initially meet face-to-face with the same attorney and paralegal who will be personally handling your case throughout the entire process. Then, you will have prompt access to your lawyer at any juncture in your case whenever you have questions, and/or whenever you determine a meeting is necessary. You will be kept informed of the progress of your case, and expect your lawyer to be thoroughly knowledgeable and informed as to the specifics of your case as it advances.

In choosing a lawyer, make certain that you are able to meet with the actual lawyer that will be responsible for your case, not a private investigator or paralegal sent to do a lawyer's job. Make sure that the law firm which you choose has the financial resources available in order to advance the costs of litigating your case, particularly though trial, should a trial be necessary. Ask the lawyer to evaluate your case and question how he or she would proceed in order to obtain the highest recovery possible in consideration of your specific case.

Finally, remember… Don’t provide a recorded statement to the insurance company adjuster until you speak with one of our attorneys first!

We offer: No Recovery, No Fee / Doctor Referral / Advance Costs

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Legal Questions Answered

Free Consultation And Evaluation Of Your Case.